Consultants are the surveyors, planners, engineers, and architects who design and obtain the land use permits for new construction projects and are primarily involved with the Design phase of a project. However they also have limited involvement with the planning and Construction/Acceptance phase. They are responsible for preparing “as-built” or “record” drawings detailing the actual location & elevation of the improvements constructed.

After the developer has obtained land use approval (e.g. preliminary plat approval, preliminary site plan approval) from the County or Cities, the consultant surveys property and prepares final engineering plans and specifications for construction of the development. Prior to construction, plans must be reviewed and approved by the District. District approval of the plans is also required before the local agency, land use authority (e.g. County or City) will approve the project for construction.


  • Where can I find sewer record drawings for a particular area?
  • The District maintains an archive containing information on the sewer system in our service area. Please contact the Engineering department via email or phone and we will assist you.
  • Flow Chart
  • Pump stations
  • In 2000, the Board of Commissioners adopted an informal Interim Pump Station policy for determining when pump stations should be allowed and the type of involvement that was reasonable by the District. This policy was the result of developer interest and used of a citizen advisory committee to create a flow chart that seemed workable for all parties. In addition, the Board determined that all requests should pass through the Board relating to interim pump stations.
  • Design variance
  • Any alternate material or method will be considered for approval on the basis of the objectives in Chapter C1-1.3.2 General and C1-3.3 Design Basis of the District’s Design Manual. The Design Engineer shall make application to the District in writing citing specific details of why the alternate material and/or method is required for the proposed development and how it meets those objectives. Approval by the District will be in writing and the District’s decision will be final.
  • Vesting plans
  • Once the District has signed the set of engineered plans for a project, the plans are vested until the County site plan approval expires.